HALAL Roast lamb – Only on request

Cheverme is the name for roast sheep or goat meat on the grill or in a preheated oven, prepared in a special way. Most often the barbecue is prepared from a slaughtered animal – a ram (sheep, awl, lamb) or a goat (goat) and treated by a butcher.

Roasted meat can be prepared in several ways &

traditionally – on a skewer,
comitatus – in a pit dug deep in the ground,
in a rural way – in a brick kiln,
homemade – in a home stove with wood in the oven.
In the traditional barbecue, the well-treated and cleaned carcass of the animal is strung on a large wooden skewer, then attached to two wooden supports placed on the side of the hearth or fireplace.
For even roasting, the skewer is rotated slowly by hand and the meat is roasted from the heat of about 30-60 cm of heat from healthy dry wood of beech, oak or hornbeam, for 5-8 hours.

Requests by phone +447760696949 or by email info@sitos.uk


Only on request 100% halal roasted whole farm lamb on low heat according to an old Bulgarian recipe.

Requests by phone +447760696949 or by email info@sitos.uk


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